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Mary Ann's Specialty Foods is a meat packer in Webster City, Iowa. When Mary Ann's requested a new website, their website was basically just a few stock photos and some text. Now their website is very interactive and includes extensive information about all the products they sell as well as the ability for potential employees to apply in English or Spanish. This website was one of the most difficult websites I've ever built for several reasons but now that it's done I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! was launched in December 2023

Humboldt Realty is a small real estate company in Humboldt, Iowa. When Humboldt Realty came to me, their website was outdated and clunky. Now they have a website that is clean and modern and includes up-to-date listings in their area! was launched in January 2024

Johnson Bro's Snow and Mow is a local landscaping and lawn care business in Fort Dodge, IA. When Johnson Bro's came to us they had no website and a hacked Facebook page. Now they have a great presence online and a brand new website to be proud of! was launched in December 2023

The website for Harvest Baptist Church was the first website I ever redid and was the site that made me realize this is what I love doing! Since doing it the first time, I have refreshed it twice as I have learned more. I'm so proud of how far my work has come through this site.

Good Shepherd Baptist Church is a brand new church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that needed a full marketing package for their organization. I was able to complete their website, design their logo, run social media campaigns, and create printed invites.

The website for Harvest Baptist Bible College is one of the more intricate websites I have completed! Making sure all the back-links, videos, and forms worked properly make it one of the largest pieces in my portfolio.

Supreme Painting is a newer painting company in Fort Dodge. They had no website when they came to me and I was able to provide them with a great new site

The Webster County Fairgrounds came to me with a horrible website, that was missing information, very outdated, and quite frankly just ugly. I was able to provide them with a great new website that accurately portrays what they do

Access Audio is a long-standing business in Fort Dodge, Iowa that I recently did a website refresh for. Before the refresh his site was very outdated and needed some love to bring it to modern times and that is exactly what I was able to provide. was launched in September 2023

Lifestyles Moving is a new business in the Fort Dodge, Iowa owned by a good friend of mine. When we set up a meeting to discuss his desires he stated that he'd like to have a online presence that stands out from other local moving companies and one that reflects the company well. I believe this site does that. was launched in August 2023

The Hebron Ministries is a local counseling center based in Fort Dodge, Iowa with a desire to help those hurting. I was able to build this website for them that reflects exactly what they are.

Joey Beech is a financial coach and keynote speaker focusing specifically on younger women's financial needs. She asked for a website that pops and reflects who she is. was launched in May 2023

Don's Pest Control is a local pest management service in Fort Dodge, Iowa. When he asked Spin Markket to complete his website, they simply needed a small clean landing page and that is exactly what I delivered.

Lehigh Valley Telephone essentially didn't have a website before they asked my company to build the site and in the 21st century that simply won't cut it for a phone company. I was able to provide them with a top of the line phone website that has all the info they need and looks slick too.

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