Good Shepherd Baptist Church
Adobe Illustrator

This logo was something I created at Spin Markket for a client. They did not choose it from the options we had drawn up as a production team but I'm proud of how it turned out.

As part of a 2021 rebrand, I helped spruce up the logo for Harvest Baptist Bible College.

This is a project from Portfolio I at Iowa Central. We were instructed to make a design that would be printed on a playing card. My love for hunting drew me to this idea.

A logo I did for a culinary exposition for the Iowa Central Culinary Sophomore Class. My group cooked Italian cuisine

Adobe InDesign

As part of my final project in one of my design classes we were asked to created a magazine layout. Above is my layout I created

In April of 2021 Harvest Baptist Bible College asked me to do a ccomplete rebrand. Above and below are the two tri-fold brochures that I completed for them.
Good Shepherd Baptist Church

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